The SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA'BOX a box is pre-vegetated modular all-in-one declined with vegetation type Toundra.


The SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA'BOX comes in two versions: one adapted to the concrete substrates and the other for light substrates (wood, steel).

- no horticultural know-how necessary,
- saving time on implementation (4 operations on one: placing a drainage layer, filter, substrate and plants are grouped in a single operation),
- easy handling,
- easy access to the waterproofing,
- possibility to work on separate species (specific order) or in combination,
- guaranteed Operation: material thickness controlled over the entire vegetated surface,
- technical suited to both small and large surfaces,
- laying and waterproofing access facilitated by the absence of clipping (laying side by side),
- protection of plants by the sides of the box during transport and handling,
- temporary water storage function is built into the system (concrete substrate with draining water deferred debit),
- material of the Box (PP) from the recycling industry and recyclable,
- reusable boxes,
- continuity of vegetation without the outskirts spectra of the Toundra Box.


- water-retaining Marker,
- substrate SOPRAFLOR B (composition light and Water-retaining),
- vegetation of type TOUNDRA,
- either mixed (same rolls) or in separate species.

- Dimensions of pallets: 1200 x 1200 mm
- Height of T'Box: 155 mm
- Number of Box by level: 8
- Number of Box per pallet: 64
- Surface per pallet: 11.5 m²
- Pallet Weight: 740 kg
- Truck Surface: 230 m²

Regulations and approvals

By their technical performances and energies, combined with their environmental values, SOPRANATURE roof serve many targets of the HQE (High Environmental Quality).

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