Insulation is not only a matter of saving energy and money, as well it  improves your house or building comfort. SOPREMA GROUP offers a range of insulating systems which meets all the requirements of today and tomorrow's market.


PAVATEX created an efficient know-how in the manufacturing of thermal and acoustic insulation composed on natural wood fibers. The PAVATEX range is based on a modern and ecological insulation system and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional products.

pu and XPS iNsulation: EFYOS by soprema

 EFYOS, the new brand of SOPREMA, offers you a range of insulation panels for roofs, walls and floors, which are adapted to technical requirements (ACERMI certifications and technical advices) and to current regulations (RT 2005, BBC projects, RT 2012).


The Stickson range is made with viscoelastic bitumen masses that are used to dampen vibrations and add mass to buildings or industrial facilities. They may be used to reduce impact noises, increase the attenuation index, dissipate vibratory energy and dampen vibrations all the while improving the substrate’s acoustic properties.


The Velaphone® range includes three products:

  • Velaphone® Fibre 22: excellent sound insulation
  • Velaphone® Confort: the best acoustic isolation
  • Velafibre® Eco: the economic solution


The Velaphone® range may be fitted under parquet flooring or floating screeds. Velaphone® Fibre 22 and Velaphone® Confort have CSTB certification and are QUALITEL listed.