SOPRANATURE® PAMPA is a natural meadow grasses and flowering perennials evolving every summer as a "dry" meadow.


SOPRANATURE® has selected a range of pasture plants, allowing to recreate its look. These hight an light grasses change to a delicate SOPRANATURE® GREEN tint in spring to a straw color during the summer. SOPRANATURE® PAMPA associates grasses (fescue, bluegrass) with succulent plants (including sedums) and small perennials as eyelet iris, chives, campanula, spurge that enhances and color the whole. SOPRANATURE® PAMPA  is implemented by a combination of seeding (seeds of grasses and perennials) and plantations (succulent plants, perennials). Implementation by precultured rolls can be considered to meet specific technical contexts. In this case a period of 9 months will be considered from the receipt of the order.
*According to recommendations of the designer

- Particularly suitable for 0 % slope terraces (supports temporary excess water)
- Surface with homogeneous appearance adapted to remotely view terraces
- Material effect interesting on inclined roofs
- Can be combined with implementations like "dry river"
- Can be integrated particularly in peri-urban, rural or mountain sites
Warning: Pampa is not recommended in the Mediterranean region.


Installation instructions:
- Requires watering to the roots (min in a water terrace / 1000 m² to 4 bar pressure and 10 m3 / h flow rate)
- Requires permanent watering system in some areas (contact us)
- Implementation of the plants at receipt
- Handle plants with care
- Implement except in summer and freezing


SOPRANATURE® department provides customized packaging and shipping of each site.

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