From design concept to installation, SOPREMA GROUP is environmentally aware and ecologically sensitive. Global legislation requires manufacturers to be environmentally responsible in production transportation, installation and waste management. Technologically advanced polymers have been responsible for the development of new membranes to meet the ever-increasing demands of the roofing market.



Long before sustainability became a focus of the construction industry, SOPREMA GROUP was promoting sustainable roofing. Since 20 years, SOPREMA GROUP initiated an approach to evaluate and minimize the impact of their products and activity on the environment and human beings during the lifespan of a building (from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition).

Our Research and Development teams work in association with public and private international laboratories to develop innovative solutions to meet and overcome the market standards. They use FESD (forms of Environmental ant sanitary declaration) to measure and analyse the impact of the various materials and resources on the lifespan of the products (from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition).


Processing polymers and additives in granule or powder form reduces the risk of accidents to a minimum during production and minimises environmental impacts. Processing and gas emissions are much lower than the maximum average concentration considered acceptable in the working environment. Water for plant cooling is re-circulated, avoiding waste and potential environmental pollution. Emissions from our manufacturing plants are so low, they are not considered to pose any risk of pollution.


Evaluation of materials and manufacturing processes is based on the best of modern technology and testing. 
Every aspect is examined for environmental impact.


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Research and Development play a vital role in our company’s aims to improve manufacturing and installation techniques. Development of new technologies is instrumental in meeting the future demands of the construction industry. All products are subjected to rigorous testing before being certified as meeting relevant performance criteria.

The Research and Development Laboratory replicates the environmental conditions to which membranes will be subjected – ie, tearing, extremes of temperature, ultraviolet radiation, and puncture. SOPREMA GROUP is a pioneer in the design of testing equipment and the formulation of quality control methods that now represent the standard requirements within the roofing industry.

Concrete results obtained by SOPREMA’s R&D teams in the last few years:

  • Flame free waterproofing systems eliminate the risk of fire on flat roofs during the application of the products
  • Solvent free primers and resin (low VOC: Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Lighter rolls to ease transport
  • Non slippery waterproofing membranes to prevent falls
  • COOL ROOF membranes with reflective surfaces (on sale on the American and European markets)
  • Automatic application of the membrane with Macaden®