SOPRANATURE® is a process of green roof-terraces, which implements a plant complex, composed of material culture and plants, combined with a specific complex root barrier waterproofing in accordance with the Professional Rules.


Offering extensive crops (Extensive Areas) or semi-intensive (Light Gardens), SOPRANATURE® adapts to every project, every climate and every type of building, both new and refurbishment.

  • Extensive green roofs require only minimal maintenance since they contain plants selected for their self-sustaining capabilities (eg. crassulaceae, perennials resistant to drought and grasses).
  • Intensive green roofs are similar to traditional gardens and have a wide variety of plants, including shrubs and trees. They can also include alleys, benches, lighting and ponds.
  • Semi-intensive green roofs aim at meeting aesthetic and accessibility requirements. Their main goal is visual appeal, and the plants selected usually require irrigation, fertilizer and regular maintenance.

- aesthetic and living roofing,
- an improved air quality,
- thermal comfort and building acoustics,
- biodiversity increased,
- a temporary retention of water during heavy rains,
- reducing the volume of water discharged annually,
- a sustainable waterproofing protection.


The SOPRANATURE® process applies mainly to slopes up to 20%. However, on particular study, SOPRANATURE® can be used on slopes up to 100%. The low overhead and limited maintenance of extensive SOPRANATURE® systems make it a suitable method for non-accessible flat roofs.


SOPRANATURE® department provides customized packaging and shipping of each site.

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