SOPRANATURE® VIVAGREEN is a vertical siding plant for facades dressing.


SOPRANATURE® VIVAGREEN consists of aluminum boxes pre vegetated (SOPRANATURE® VIVAGREEN aspect from the implementation) and a metallic substrate on which are fixed pedestals. This is a "ready-to-install system". The vegetation is based on extensive roofs.

SOPRANATURE® VIVAGREEN thermal interest:
- sort of heat shield + control of urban heat island effect,
- improving quality of life and urbanistic interest (reintroduction of the plant in the cities...),
- architectural : a real product of prescription (full range of vegetation for the building envelope).

- very visual architectural tool, attending the siprit of a building,
- thermal protection shield the facade,
- reintroduction of vegetation in urban areas,
- low maintenance vegetation,
- modular system easy to implement,
- traditional pattern layout,
- protection of aluminum boxes by a peelable film.


The technical system SOPRANATURE® VIVAGREEN allows the process to include a siding lot.


  • Dimensions of pallets: 1200x1200x700 mm
  • Quantity pallet: 10 to 20 feet depending on boxes size
  • Surface per pallet: 7.2 m²
  • Pallet weight: + / 500 kg
  • Surface per truckload: 158 m² It should be added to the irrigation equipment modules and elements fixing and dressing

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