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Liquid waterproofing

Alsan liquid waterproofing

ALSAN: an international website dedicated to all our liquid waterproofing systems.


PHOTOVOLTAIC waterproofing

SOPRASOLAR: integrated photovoltaic bitumen waterproofing solutions.

FLAGSOLAR: the photovoltaic TPO waterproofing solution integrated into built.


SYNTHETIC waterproofing


FLAGPOOL: the website dedicated to the armed membranes "FLAGPOOL by Soprema" for all pools.

SOPREMA in the world

North America




FRENCH Subdiaries from SOPREMA Group

SOPREMA Entreprises

  • SOPREMA ENTREPRISES is composed of a network of 46 agency and subdiaries in France, and more than 2.200 colleagues specialised in all the applications concerning buildings envelopes and construction of metal frameworks.

Metal frameworks

  • BCM-CHARPENTE: BCM Society (Baumert Constructions Metalliques) will come up with the technical solution adapted to your steel projects.
  • G-H: from the study to the implementation, GH proposes complete constructives solutions and commits to accompanying you in the attainment of your works corresponding to the French RT 2012.
  • SMB: with more than 85 years of history, SMB (Société Métallurgie de Bretagne) is completely dedicated to the design and the implementation of metal frameworks.
  • CSS INTERNATIONAL: CSS is specialised in the construction of metal frameworks, sheet metalwork and ironwork.
  • SOTEBA-RSR: SOTEBA-RSR intervenes in Western France, on some of the most complex construction sites, in new build, or renovation projects respecting the architectural project constrains.

Smoke extraction

  • BLUETEK: for more than 40 years, BLUETEK (formerly HEXADOME) is a leader in smoke extraction solutions, ventilation, natural light, enslavement and facade. Industry, tertiary, ERP, small or large volume, BLUETEK is the partner of comfort and natural security.
  • SOUCHIER: to meet the needs of smoke extraction, natural ventilation and architectural and environnemental obligations SOUCHIER devises solutions adapted to each needs while respecting standards smoke extraction. 
  • ADEXSI: ADEXSI has become one of the world leading actors in the market of skylights, daily and natural smoke ventilators.

Fire doors

  • BOULLET: for more thatwenty years, BOULLET activity is focused on special doors.


  • SILENT WAY: specializes in the manufacturing of acoustic materials transformation for building and industry. 


  • WILSON FRANCE: WILSON FRANCE (previously PFLAUM FRANCE), expert in cladding and cover, proposes innovative and efficient solutions for facade for more than tewenty years.


  • NESTA: NESTA offers a wide selection of equipment, supplies and accessories for roofers. 


Spanish Subdiaries from SOPREMA Group

  • TEXSA: TEXSA S.A. is a company, founded in 1954, that manufactures and markets products for roofing / waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation and geotextiles, as well as the corresponding auxiliary materials for each of these fields, for building and civil works.


ItalIAN Subdiaries from SOPREMA Group

  • FLAG: FLAG Spa has been active since more than 50 years in the field of synthetic waterproof membrane and thanks to its highly qualified know-how it became a relevant partner in the outmost works of roofing, civil engineering, swimming pools, all over the world. FLAG Spa SOPREMA GROUP is the excellence of synthetic in terms of products, innovations, and easy setting.
  • FLAGPOOL: FLAGPOOL is a FLAG Spa SOPREMA GROUP brand, specialised in pool products.



  • OBSERVATOIRE:positive-energy house observatory.
  • POLE ENERGIVIE: The Alsace Energivie Cluster, officially certified as a competitiveness cluster in 2010, is a group of stakeholders in the sectors of low environmental impact buildings and energy, hailing from the worlds of business, research and education.
  • EUROPEAN COOL ROOFS COUNCIL: The EUROPEAN COOL ROFFS COUNCIL was founded in 2011 to develop scientific knowledge and research in relation to “cool roof" technology and to promote the use of cool roof products and materials in Europe, including developing a product rating programme for such products and materials.


Thermal study unit online

  • MA-RT2012: MA-RT2012 realizes for you the completeness thermal studies mandatory.


Official organisations

  • ADEME: association pour la Défense de l'Environnement et la Maîtrise de l'Energie (French Environment and Energy Management Agency).
  • AFNOR: AFNOR association and its subsidiaries make up an international group which aim to serve the general interest and economic development of organizations.
  • CSTB: french Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction.
  • JOURNAL OFFICIEL: standards and decrees.
  • CETU: french Tunnel Engineering Centre.
  • ASQUAL: ASQUAL is a Non-profit-making organisation created by Technical Centres to assure the promotion of the quality and certification.
  • CEREMA: studies and expertises centre of risks, environment, mobility and organisation.
  • FFACB: french Federation of Buildings Collaborators Craftsmen.
  • PME BTP: recruitment website in bulding and public works. 



  • CSFE: supreme Council of French Citizens Abroad.
  • SNPU: national Union of Plyurethane.
  • APSEL: professional Association of  Liquid Waterproofing Systems.
  • CSTB: french Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction.
  • AFCOBOIS: union of Wood Constructions.
  • AFSCAM: french Association of Acoustic Lightweight Panels.
  • SFEC: french Syndicate of Coaters and Calenders.
  • AFTES: french Association of Tunnels and Underground Spaces.
  • CNDB: national Committee for the Development of the Wood.
  • ADIVET: french association for green roofs and walls.
  • UNTEC: economist Construction website.
  • UNSFA: national Union of French Architects Unions.
  • UDMF: french Houses Union.
  • ACERMI: association of the Insulation Materials Certification.


Control Offices

  • BUREAU VERITAS: BUREAU VERITAS is a wold leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification services.
  • SOCOTEC: SOCOTEC holds a first rank position in the field of inspection and consultancy in the construction and Real Estate market.
  • ALPES CONTROLES: specialised in the technical verification of contructions.
  • ALPHA CONTROLE: specialised in technical control of buildings.
  • QUALISONCULT: specialised in technical controls, inspection, assistance and training.
  • APAVE: APAVE is specialised in inspection, building, tests and meansurements, training and advice.