SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA vegetation is predominantly flush of sedum and moss for optimalwaterproofing (5 species minimum).


The appearance of sedum changes with the seasons, from SOPRANATURE® GREEN during springtime to red during times of drought. The blooms spread out from June to August in yellow, red pink and white tones. We privilege the species more resistant to climatic hazards. On request (adaptation of the complex culture), the SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA can be enriched with small herbaceous perennials (chives, eye of the Carthusians, selfheal, mouse-ear hawkweed, saxifrage tunic, etc...).

- low height of vegetation: ground cover,
- surface with homogeneous appearance adapted to visible terraces,
- lightweight system specially adapted to substrates steel and wood,
- the implementation by pre grown rolls is suitable for inclined roofs and those subject to wind (coastal areas).


Installation instructions:
- Requires watering to the roots (min in a water terrace / 1000 m² to 4 bar pressure and 10 m3 / h flow rate)
- Requires permanent watering system in some areas
- Implementation of the plants at receipt
- Handle plants with care
- Implement except in summer and freezing


  • Precultivated rolls of vegetation
  • Plantation
  • Seeding
  • 30L bags or Big Bags.

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