SOPRANATURE® LANDE is a light garden of plants composed of volumes and various colors.


SOPRANATURE® LANDE vegetation system includes natural species and horticultural varieties in a range of different blooming times allowing to have a colored appearance over several months. Herbaceous perennials and bulbous plants (irises, alliums, cyclamen ...), shrubs (lavender, lilac dwarf, oleander, roses, willows, small ornamental conifers ...), succulent plants and grasses (sedges, Stipa, Pennisetum) are together in a garden rivaling the traditional terraced gardens.


- diversity of vegetation,
- system suitable for terraces accessible or visible from offices or homes,
- combined with SOPRANATURE® GREEN system allows implementations of tiles similar to traditional public gardens,
- appearance varied with significant advantages over the traditional terrace garden (needs less irrigation and maintenance, overhead divided by 3),
- can be combined with accessories such slabs of wood (not Japanese), gravel...
- optimum adaptation to climate and exposure.


Installation instructions:
- Must be watering to the roots
- Permanent watering system
- Implementation of the plants upon receipt
- Handle plants with care
- Implement except in summer and freezing
- Vegetation is shipped in rolls precultured (turf-type plating)
For each project type SOPRANATURE® LANDE, SOPRANATURE® offers or performs in consultation with the contractor, a planting plan suitable. Vegetation is shipped in micro-lumps, traditional buckets and containers.
*According to recommendations of the designer


SOPRANATURE® department provides customized packaging and shipping of each site.

Regulations and approvals

By their technical performances and energies, combined with their environmental values, SOPRANATURE® roofs serve many targets of the HQE (High Environmental Quality).

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