SOPREMA GROUP has a wide range of products to meet the needs of all types of civil engineering structures.

In order to meet the specific demand, SOPREMA GROUP has created the CivilRock® range, which offers products designed to meet the needs of civil engineering structures:

  • civil engineering structures,
  • tunnels, underground structures,
  • basins,
  • bituminous waterproofing,
  • synthetic waterproofing (PVC and TPO),
  • liquid waterproofing.


CivilRock® covers all the activities connected to civil engineering structures, underground structures and basins which were previously covered by the group’s different brands: SOPREMA, FLAG, Alsan®… This has given us the chance to offer a more complete range which better matches the requirements of project owners, project managers and contractors. With its different types of products, CivilRock® offers waterproofing or solutions adapted to virtually all built structures. The SOPREMA GROUP’s factories are certified ISO 9001. Some of the factories are also certified ISO 14001,ISO 16001, ISO 18001.


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