SOPRAVAP® STICK S16 is a vapor barrier adhesive consists of a composite reinforcement grid of glass / glass mat and elastomeric bitumen.


The sub-self-adhesive face is protected by a silicone film and the upper face is sanded. SOPRAVAP® STICK S16 is used in local low or medium humidity. SOPRAVAP® STICK S16's self- adhesive surface is extremly performant and resistant to perforation allowing traffic during the implementation.


SOPRAVAP® STICK S16 must be laid directly onto dusted steel deck or concrete:
• Brush and dry the support
• Unroll, place and adjust the roll
• Peel back a few centimeters of the silicone release film
• Proceed by laying this part onto the substrate
• Hold the membrane and pull off the silicone release film while carefully pressing down on it to avoid any bumps and air bubbles
• Recommended laying temperature + 10°C
• Longitudinal roll overlap is about 6 cm and transversal roll overlap is about 10 cm


- Roll dimensions: 20 m x 1,08 m
- Roll weight: about 27 Kg
- Storage: 30 rolls per pallet
- Standing on film
- Wrapped pallet


SOPRAVAP® STICK S16 is being used as a vapor barrier, this sheet comes under the standard EN 13970 and is CE marked in accordance with this standard.

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