FLASHING® TP is a brown single-component bitumen-polyurethane resin in a solvent-borne thixotropic form. After the solvents have evaporated, the resin forms a film about 1 mm thick, sticky to the touch and brown in colour.  


FLASHING® TP is used to waterproof upstands on civil engineering structures, instead of prefabricated bituminous membranes. FLASHING® TP can also be used for specific features where bituminous sheeting is awkward to use.


- easy application,
- single-component,
- easy vertical application,
- constant quality,
- safety: no flame used,
- economical because it is applied quickly,
- can be used on many different substrates (concrete, steel…).


FLASHING® TP is applied directly onto the concrete or metal substrate, without a primer and covers 15 cm of the bituminous membrane on the main surface. A first coat is applied at 800g/m², followed by a 2nd coat at 800g/m² approximately 3 hours later. All details with a join in the concrete must be reinforced with a Flashing® Voile fleece. The product must be stirred, then applied with a brush or roller as indicated in the current installation instructions. Apply in 2 coats onto a clean, dry substrate, without a primer. To clean equipment: V or L thinner.


  • Packaging: 5 kgs / 15 kgs
  • Storage: approx. 9 months in containers stored upside down, away from excessive heat, at a temperature between 5°C and 35°C inclusive.


CIVILROCK® by SOPREMA attaches the highest importance to the quality of its products. This is why we operate a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 BSI certified.

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