AQUADERE® TP is a solvent-free adhesion primer for civil engineering applications.


AQUADERE® TP primer specifically developed by CIVILROCK® for civil engineering applications requiring high adherence performances. This product is an elastomer bitumen-based emulsion, which adheres to the substrate and dries as the water it contains evaporates. AQUADERE® TP is non-toxic, non-flammable and odour-free. CIVILROCK® attaches the highest importance to the quality of its products. This is why we operate a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 BSI certified.

- easy application,
- ultra-fast drying in dry weather,
- non-toxic,
- non-flammable,
- no transport restrictions,
- easy disposal of empty pails,
- tools can be cleaned in water.


AQUADERE® TP is a solvent-free elastomer bitumen primer used to ensure good adherence of bituminous waterproofing materials on a variety of substrates (concrete, metal or timber). This primer is recommended in case of using full or half adherence membranes under asphalt, ballast or backfill. The product must be stirred well before use. It is applied by brush, roller or squeegie, in one coat, onto a clean, dry substrate. The tools used must be cleaned and free of traces of solvents as the latter can break the emulsion. Substrates that are very dry and absorbent must be dampened before application to ensure good adherence. The product must not be applied in the rain. The drying time depends on the porosity and temperature of the substrate, the ambient temperature, humidity and exposure to sunlight and the wind. A porous substrate, a high temperature and low humidity are all favourable to quicker drying.


- Packaging: 25 liters / 1000 liters in disposable plastic pails
- Number of pails per pallet: 27 pails / 1 pails
- Storage: approx. 12 months between 5°C and 35°C, in the tightly sealed original container protected from sunlight.

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