ANTIROCK® ASP SR membrane is a torchable waterproofing membrane made from polymer modified bitumen (SBS elastomer).


The bitumen coats a non-woven polyester reinforcement mesh (165g/m²) reinforced by a fibre glass mesh (8 g/m²). Both sides have a thermofusible film. CIVILROCK® attaches the highest importance to the quality of its products. This is why we operate a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 BSI certified.

- dimensional stability at high temperature when pouring the asphalt,
- flexible when cold and hot,
- high puncture resistance,
- high mechanical resistance,
- good weldability,
- possibility of automated installation, with standard rolls (mini-MACADEN) or long rolls (MACADEN).


ANTIROCK® ASP SR can be used on road bridges, car parks or slabs under a layer of mastic asphalt.
The membrane is welded and smoothed onto a substrate prepared with primer: ELASTOCOL® 500 TP or AQUADERE® TP (solvent-free primer). The asphalt is poured directly onto the membrane. The welding is performed: either manually with a flame, or automatically using hot air (MACADEN® system). The membrane is preheated before being applied and then the primed substrate and the bituminous sheet are heated alternately. A 90mm selvedge ensures easy overlapping. In hot weather, a PARUVEL-type solar protection coating must be applied if the membrane is left unprotected for more than 5 days.


  • Dimensions: 10ml x 1m
  • Jumbo rolls: 200ml x 1m - 10ml x 0.33m / 10ml x 0.25m (for upstands)
  • Number of rolls per pallet: 25 rolls / 1 Jumbo roll
  • Storage upright on pallet

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