Alsan® Primer H80

ALSAN® Primaire H80 is a ready-to-use polyurethane primer for Alsan® 310, Alsan® 400, Alsan® 410 and Alsan® 500 waterproofing systems


ALSAN® Primer H80 allows a perfect adhesion to the waterproofing coating as well as the creation of a vapour barrier.


- ready-to-use polyurethane resin,
- easy to apply.


Alsan® Primer H80 is a primer for liquid waterproofing systems for Alsan® Apparent systems – ETA n° 07/0111 (Alsan® 310 or Alsan® 500), Alsan® 400 – ETA n° 05/0007, Alsan® 410 – ETA n° 05/0113 and complies with ETAG 005.
Please refer to the relevant European Technical Approval.

Specific indications regarding the application of the product can be found by referring to the technical instructions for:

  • Waterproofing for domes, cornices, arches, gutter
  • Renovation of old asphalt (excluding bituminous membranes)
  • Renovation of metal decking or fibre-cement flat sheets
  • Alsan® Primer H80 must be applied with a brush or a roller, according to technical instructions.
  • Ensure that the product is well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components.
  • Product cleaning: use Diluant V or Diluant L (thinners).


  • Cans: 5 kg or 20 kg
  • Storage: 9 months in original, unopened container turned upside-down, away from any source of heat
  • Storage temperature: 5°C to 35°C
  • Approximate consumptions:
    - About 250 g/m² on concrete
    - 2 layers of 200 g/m² on tiles or asphalt (excluding bituminous membranes)

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