The MINI-MACADEN® is a machine for laying bituminous membranes developed by SOPREMA. Self-propelled and self-guided, it provides the peeling, welding and bonding rolls of 8 or 10 ml.


Small enough to be suitable for transport in a van for greater mobility, the MINI-MACADEN® allows installation of up to 1,000 m² per day with 4 people, whatever the outside temperature (> 0 ° C) or wind conditions. Its system of hot air nozzle, patented and tested for several years, allows constant and uniform distribution of hot air over the entire membrane improving the quality of installation:
- installation is uniform and constant,
- continuous protrusion,
- fast Installation : up to 1,000 m² per day with 4 people,
- high performance : higher quality and consistency of installation,
- economical : reduction of manpower and consumables,
- multi-purpose : can be used on bridges, overpasses, car parks and roofs,
- safe : CSA International certified, limiting the use of flame and manual operations,
- ecological : electric motors and gas, reducing gas consumption,
- installation and wrinkle free without blisters. The flame-free system, reduces the risk of accidents and reduced gas consumption (reduction of over 50% compared to manual welding). The use of the MINI-MACADEN® improves working conditions for staff by reducing manual handling and welding operations.  


The parameters of the MINI-MACADEN® are perfectly controlled and programmable through a touch panel: temperature, speed, alignment ...
1. The roller is mounted on the chassis machine and the membrane is engaged, the machine is pre-aligned.
2. Turning on the MINI-MACADEN® : advancement and automatic guidance.
3. Visual monitoring of welding for possible adjustment speed.
4. Stop the burner at the end of roll.
5. Manual welding the ends of the roll.
For optimum performance, the MINI-MACADEN® requires the following operatives: of an operator MINI-MACADEN® , one operator for welding the ends of rolls and two people to handle rolls.


- Lenght: 1,79 m
- Width : 1,04 m
- Height : 1,10 m
- Empty weight : 300 kg
- Processing speed : 4 to 6 meters per minute
- Rolls : 8 ml or 10 ml x 1 m

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