The MACADEN® is a machine for laying bituminous membranes, operated by SOPREMA for more than 10 years, for the installation of thermofusible bituminous rolls on bridges and carparks.


With its two hot air nozzles,  MACADEN® preheats the substrate to a temperature of above 100°C, unwinds the 190 lm length Jumbo rolls, then welds and bonds the membrane onto the substrate using compression rollers. Self-propelled, independent and self guided,  MACADEN® can lay up to 1,800 m² per day whatever the outside temperature (> -10 ° C) or wind conditions. The  MACADEN® machines are exclusively operated by SOPREMA and operate throughout the entire world.

- fast installation: up to 1,800 m² per day with 2 operatives only and independently of outside temperature,
- high performance: high quality of installation, fewer seams and no swells,
- economical: reduced labor and site downtime,
- multi-purpose: can be used on bridges, overpasses and car parks,
- safe: no flame and limitation of manual operations,
- the MACADEN® only requires two operatives.


The operation of the MACADEN® is 100% fully automatic, with controlled parameters: temperature, speed, etc.

1. The Jumbo roll of sealable membrane is installed on the device.
2. The unit is pre-aligned and its guiding system allows the automatic advance and follows the curves of the structure.
3. A first hot air nozzle at the front of the machine pre-heat the substrate surface and promotes optimal welding.
4. The membrane is mechanically held to avoid creases.
5. The second hot air nozzle welds the membrane uniformly and at constant controlled temperature
6. The bonding rollers exert even pressure on the entire surface to ensure perfect adhesion to the substrate.


- Length: 4,90 m
- Width: 1,60 m
- Height: 1,75 m
- Empty weight: 3,5 T
- Processing speed: 4 to 6 meters per minute
- Rolls: Jumbo 190 ml x 1 m

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