Alsan® 970 F Pigemented Coating

Alsan® 970 F is used as a sealer on the flexible, untopped version of the Alsan® 770 Thick-Layer System using Alsan® 870 RS Self-Levelling Mortar.


Alsan 770 products are high-grade, PMMA-based resins with low-temperature flexibility and are used to create durable and reliable roof waterproofing membranes and to waterproof joints on water impermeable concrete with fleece reinforcement. Alsan® 970 F is a UV-stabilised, flexibilised and pigmented methyl-methacrylate-based resin formulation.

- highly flexible and crack-bridging even at extreme sub-zero temperatures,
- permanently weather-resistant,
- fully bonded to the substrate, therefore no flow paths for water under the membrane,
- easy and fast application,
- the most complex roof penetrations can be securely incorporated in the seamless waterproofing system,
- fast-curing,
- can also be applied at sub-zero temperatures,
- can be applied to almost all substrates, including variable substrates,
- solvent-free,
- test certificates and technical approvals (ETA) for the areas of roof waterproofing and the waterproofing of joints on water-impermeable concrete units.


Alsan® 970 F is available in the following standard colours:

  • Shade 7030: Stone grey
  • Shade 7032: Pebble grey
  • Shade 7043: Traffic grey
  • Shade 1001: Beige
Alsan® 970 F can be applied at substrate and ambient temperatures between + 3 ° min. and + 35 ° max.


  • Mixing First stir the tub contents thoroughly.
  • Then add the catalyst while stirring the resin at the slow-speed setting and mix for 2 minutes. Make sure that the product on the base and sides of the container is mixed in.
  • At product temperatures < 10 °C the product should be stirred for 5 minutes, as the catalyst will take longer to dissolve.
  • Use Alsan 770 for waterproofing horizontal areas. Alsan 770 TX is used for vertical surfaces (e.g. upstands on details).
  • Apply a generous and even layer of the mixed material to the entire area (at least 1,5 kg/m2), then immediately embed the Alsan Fleece P and use a sheepskin roller to remove any air bubbles.
  • Cover the fleece straightaway (wet in wet) with a second layer of material (at least 1 - 1,5 kg/m2, as required).
  • In each case use a sheepskin roller to spread the material over the surface.
  • Fleece overlaps must be at least 5 cm wide.


  • Buckets of +/- 10kg
  • Storage: store in original sealed packaging and in a cool, dry and frost-free place. Avoid warm storage areas (> 30 °C) even for brief periods, for example on site. Consequently the products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in a vehicle. Unopened products have a shelf life of at least 12 months. After removing some of the contents, reseal the containers so they are airtight.  



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