PLOTS FIX (fixed paving support pads)

SOPREMA fixed paving support pads are designed to support pedestrian paving and decking (not vehicles) above concrete and asphalt substrates as well as SOPREMA waterproofing.


Adjustable paving slab support pads can bear several paving slabs, be used to level paving, by means of a fuss free, hand-operated specially designed spanner included in each box an easy installation. The adjustable paving slab support can be used to level out paving, by means of a fussfree, hand-operated specially designed spanner (included in each box). SOPREMA offer two types of paving pads: fixed or adjustable.

- height nut is standard for each size of block head screw,
- shock absorbers are manufactured with high density polyethylene: they are placed upon the block head to maximise stability and improve acoustic,
- unlike other additional finishing this method of creating additional protection allows water to fully drain beneath paving and enjoys the aesthetic and slip free safety benefits of general paving.


Average number of pads:

  • 7 pieces / m² with 40/40 cm paving stones
  • 5 pieces / m² with 50/50 cm paving stones
High spreader fins can be adjusted for corners and along walling. According to SOPREMA Technical Approval, the maximum safe height for a paving support pads is 20 cm.


  • Fixed paving support pads :
- 8 mm : 100/box
- 35 mm : 60/box
  • Adjustable paving support pads :
- 40 to 67 mm : 120 pads / box + 1 spanner
- 60 to 90 mm : 60 pads / box + 1 spanner
- 90 to 150 mm : 60 pads / box + 1 spanner
- 150 to 260 mm : 48 pads / box + 1 spanner

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