ELASTOGUM is a modified membranes reinforced with composite non-woven polyester.


ELASTOGUM is a range of long lasting dependable membranes that we recommend for demanding and critical applications, either single or multi-ply. The range has exellent dimensional stability, tensile strength and ultimate elongation.


ELASTOGUM membranes should be applied by torching in a single or multi-ply. The deck must be rigid, smooth and clean of all debris and foreign matters. It is advisable to first apply a primer (400g/sqm). Roll out the material to full lenght and align 8-10 cm side lap. Roll material back again, torch the bottom surface of the membrane right before contact with the deck and then unroll it slowly and uniformly, pressing it down with your feet to ensure bonding. For the junctions, the ebd laps should be at least 10 cm. Each successive roll should be placed on the top of the previous roll strating from the drainage system onwards. Each finished overlap should be reheated by torch along the joint and melted bitumen should be spread with trowel to ensure a smooth connection. ELASTOGUM membranes can be laid in either cold or hot weather conditions.

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