AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT is a non-crosslinkable sealant, synthetic rubber-based and plasticized with bitumen, solvent-based.


AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT is used for jointing roof underlayments and rainscreens as well as waterproofing repairs.

- 3 functions in 1 product,
- no primer required,
- designed for outdoor use,
- adheres even to slightly humid substrates,
- can be used from +5°C to +35°C.


Ensure that surface is free of oil substances (metal) and dust, before AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT application. Cut obliquely the conical tip to obtain a sealant bead of 5 to 6 mm diameter. Use a caulk gun with AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT cartridge.
Airtightness: use for jointing roof underlayment and rainscreen as well as for joinings to special points, eaves, gutters.

  • Apply a continuous bead of 5 mm diameter mini.
  • Unroll roof underlayment or rainscreen.
  • Rub softly with a small roll Watertightness: AIR'SOPRASEAL® EXT has an excellent adhesion on almost materials, without primer, and can be applied to sightly damp surfaces. It is suitable for filling small cracks.


Cartridge of 310 mL.

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