FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0 mm

FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0mm membrane is a translucent non-reinforced synthetic single-ply PVC-P membrane made by co-extrusion and calendering.


FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0mm is highly resistant to attack by micro-organisms and perforation by roots. The translucency of this membrane makes it easy to visually monitor the installation of the FLAG Vacuum system. CIVILROCK® attaches the highest importance to the quality of its products. This is why we operate a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001 BSI certified.

- excellent weldability,
- can be used in the Flag Vacuum system,
- translucent, allowing visual monitoring during installation of the FLAG Vacuum system,
- high resistance to attack by micro-organisms and perforation by roots.


Structured translucent membrane specifically designed to waterproof with the FLAG Vacuum system. It is suited to projects in difficult conditions.

This system can be used in civil engineering and building operations, such as:
- Tunnels and bored galleries
- Cut and cover tunnels
- Coverings of buried structures
- Underground car parks
- Sealed encasings of civil engineering structures and buildings

FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0mm waterproofing membrane is combined with FLAGON® BT 2.0mm waterproofing membrane and FLAGON® PZ 1.9mm protection membrane to make up the "FLAG Vacuum" system. This system consists of making a two-ply, compartmentalised waterproof wall. This system allows waterproofing tests to be carried out at all the stages of construction, and also throughout the lifespan of the structure. Furthermore, this process allows the volume of any injections to be checked if necessary. The sheets are welded together by applying hot air using a manual or automatic welder with a minimum of a 30mm overlap. They can be double-welded with a central canal using a wedge welder. FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0mm is compatible with all the accessories and membranes in the FLAGON® PVC range.


  • Thickness 2.0mm (excl. structure)
  • Roll length / width 20ml (other lengths available on request) / 2.10ml


FLAGON® BT/ST 2.0mm membranes are produced by the FLAG Spa factory (SOPREMA GROUP) in Chignolo d'Isola (Italy) and are CE marked no. 13491-CPD-0012 in accordance with EN 13361:2007.

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