FLAG by SOPREMA offers a comprehensive range of TPO and PVC single ply membranes for wide-ranging applications. Our 40 year plus track record in the roofing, civil engineering and hydraulic sectors has given us the experience and product development expertise to secure a market-leading position.


Flagon® TPO and PVC membranes have long life expectancy and are suitable for:

  • Ballasted roofs - both with and without pedestrian access
  • Inverted roofs
  • Roof gardens
  • Mechanically fixed systems
  • Fully adhered systems
  • Exposed vertical surfaces
  • Complex detailing


FLAG by SOPREMA single ply membranes represent a new generation of synthetic liners made using innovative formulations. Flagon® development has been based on experience, synergy, effective co-operation and innovative manufacturing technologies:

  • Experience gained by Flag which, since 1963, has developed and manufactured synthetic waterproofing membranes for use in the roofing, civil engineering and hydraulic sectors.
  • Synergy with industry-leading manufacturers of polyolefins, who have developed and introduced these new materials to achieve exceptional waterproofing performance.
  • Co-operation with the best designers, contractors and installation companies.
  • Innovative manufacturing technologies using synthetic waterproofing materials of the highest quality and performance.

In addition to our metallic finished Copper Art® and Silver Art® range Flagon® membranes are also available in three standard shades for use with our décor profiles. Available in zinc, lead and verdigris, they provide a pleasing alternative to folded or standing seam metal covering. Flagon® membranes are also available in any RAL colour as well as graphic treatments such as a symbols, trade marks or logos.