SOPLUTEC® is a rainscreen very permeable to water vapour presented in the form of large width rolls especially designed for vertical walls of timber frame houses.


Advantages of the product:
- wide rolls for fast track installation,
- ideal for ideal for timber framed houses.


  • Colours: anthracite topside and white under


SOPLUTEC® is temporary fastened with nails or staples, then maintained by cleats fixed on the frame.


  • Length: > 50 m
  • Width: 2,80 } 0,04 m
  • Weight of the roll: about 16,8 kg
  • Marking: each package bearing the CE marking
  • Packaging: 20 rolls lying down per pallet

Regulations and approvals

SOPLUTEC® is laid in compliance with standards NF P 21-204-1 (Ref DTU 31.2 - “Timber frame houses and buildings”) and NF P 65-210-1 (Ref DTU 41.2 – “Exterior wooden cladding”).

SOPLUTEC® is a rainscreen and complies with EN 13859-2.