Alsan® 200 Balcons

Alsan® 200 is a coating for balconies.


Alsan® 200Balcons is solvent-based, ready to use single-component polyurethane resin. Alsan ® 200 Balcons allows a protective and decorative coating for balconies and loggias. It can be used in new works or renovation.


- aesthetic and waterproof coating,
- good adherence on concrete and cement mortar,
- fast return to service,
- easy to apply,
- fast setting product,
- high resistance to UV.


Alsan® 200 Balcons must be applied with a brush or a roller (preferably a lacquer roll preferably), according to technical instructions Alsan® 200 Balcons, 2 layers minimum. Delay between 2 layers must not exceed 24h, or surface must be re-activated. Ensure that the product is well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components. Product cleaning: use Diluant V (thinner).


  • Cans: 6 kg
  • Storage: 9 months in original, unopened container turned upside-down, away from any source of heat
  • Storage temperature: 5°C to 25°C
  • Consumption is 200 g/m² for the first layer, and 300 g/m² for the second layer. It depends on the porosity and irregularities of the substrate.

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