Alsan® EP 120

Alsan® EP 120 is an epoxy-based, 2-component primer and available in a ready-to-use kit.


The ready-to-use kit of Alsan® EP 120 is composed by:
- Component A (resin)
- Component B (hardener)
After mixing the resin is amber-coloured.

Alsan® EP 120
is a versatile solution:
- dual function: primary and recovery support,
- three types of patching: smoothing, leveling and dressing,
- effective and durable,
- excellent adhesion to supports including metals, concrete and wet concrete,
- aesthetics: its function allows the mortar to make up the defects of the support to get a perfect look.


Alsan® EP 120 is used:

  • As a primer for Alsan® 310, Alsan® 400, Alsan® 410, Alsan® 500 and Alsan® 500 Quick liquid waterproofing systems.
  • As a binder to make a epoxy-based self-leveling grout added with dry defined quartz sand.

Specific indications regarding the application of the product can be found by referring to the technical instructions. Please refer to the relevant European Technical Approval.
  • Temperature for used must be between 10°C and 35°C and the substrate temperature between 10°C and 3°C above dew point.
  • Used as a primer, consumption may vary depending on nature of the substrate, 250 g/m² on degreased metal surfaces and pumiced and between 200g/m² and 500 g/m² on concrete.
  • Ensure that the two-components are well mixed during 3 minutes in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components. It will be applied with a brush or a roller.


- Cans (kit) of 5 kg.
- Storage: 1 year in original, unopened container turned upside-down, away from any source of heat.
- Storage temperature: 5°C to 35°C.


CE marking.

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