Alsan® 071  

Alsan® 071is a liquid anti-flow additive to increase the viscosity and thixotropy of Alsan® PMMA resins.


  • Material: thickening agent. ALSAN®071 is a light yellow liquid.
  • Density: 1,15 g/cm³
  • Consumption: depending on the desired effect, between 0.5 to 2%. ALSAN®071 can be added to ALSAN PMMA resins (e.g. ALSAN®770). In the case of multi-component products, such as ALSAN®870 RS (consisting of ALSAN®870 R resin and ALSAN®870 S sand), the quantity is always calculated on the resin part (here ALSAN®870 R). For further details about the recommended quantities please refer to the product information sheets for the relevant ALSAN®PMMA resin.


  • Application equipment / tools: suitable mixer (ex. paint mixer)
  • Mixing: slowly add the anti-flow additive to the liquid ALSAN®resin whilst stirring, mix in thoroughly to achieve an even distribution. Let it rest for approx. 5 min and stir again. The thixotropic effect occurs immediately after stirring. Only then should ALSAN® 070 catalyst be added (see product data sheet of the used product).
    For exact details please refer to the product information sheets of the relevant PMMA based resin.


- 1 kg metal can


- Store in original sealed packaging in a cool, dry and frost-free place.
- Avoid warm storage areas (> 30 °C) even for brief periods, for example on site.
- Consequently, the products must not be exposed to direct sunlight or kept in a vehicle.
- Unopened products have a shelf life of at least 12 months.
- After opening, reseal the packaging so it is completely airtight.


EAN13 - 1kg : 3434550352895

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