CURAL® is a waterproofing coating composed of elastomeric bitumen, aluminium pigments, fibres, mineral fillers and volatile solvents.


CURAL® is used as a bituminous covering to replace older waterproofing coats, particularly those of sanded bitumen layers or use on CURNOIR® renewing protection. Please refer to technical information. CURAL® is also used to protect metal structures against rust (cladding, corrugated metal sheets, gutters, pipes) as a corrosion inhibitor, on corrugated fiber cement/steel roofing panels or to cover edge of overlap for aluminium foil covered bitumen waterproofing membranes.  


  • Due to its aluminium leafing pigmentation, it is an ideal reflective coating, therefore cools down the building interior temperature and is highly resistant to UV light. It is also used a finishing layer on ALSAN® FLASHING®.
  • Product must be well mixed in order to obtain a proper homogenization of components. Ensure that the tools are clean. It will be applied with a brush or roller (about 400 g/m²) onto dry, clean surfaces, free of non-adhesive materials. Metal surfaces must be degreased beforehand.
  • When applied with CURNOIR®, let the product dry completely before applying the 2 layers of 200 g/m² of CURNOIR®. Refer to related technical documents for further details concerning consumption and installation.
  • Application temperatures: +5°C to +40°C.
  • Tool cleaning: petroleum solvents (i.e. White Spirit, Xylene).


  • Boxes: 1 kg
  • Cans: 25 kg
  • Approximate consumption: about 400 g/m²
  • Storage: 1 year in original can, in a cool, well-ventilated area

Regulations and approvals

SOPREMA has always attached the highest importance to Quality Control. For this reason, we operate an independently monitored Quality Assurance System in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 certified by BSI Management System.

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