SOPRAROCK APP P3 is used as an underlayer in a multi-layer system and can be torched-on.


Due to its composition SOPRAROCK APP 3 has a perfect dimensional stability. The homogeneity between the surface density and the impregnation mixture gives the membrane a very high resistance to delamination. Waterproofing membrane composed by APP modified bitumen with a nonwoven polyester reinforcement. The upper side is finished with sand/talcum. A torch-on film protects the lower side.  


SOPRAROCK APP P3 can be fixed mechanically to the substrate as a first layer.

  • SOPRAROCK APP P3 TF:: torch-on method
  • SOPRAROCK APP P3 TT: torch-on method or cold glue


- Dimensions of the roll (m): 10 x 1
- Weight of the roll (kg): 34
- Number of rolls per pallet: 25

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