SOPRAGUM GARDEN is mainly used as an upper layer in a garden-terrace roof waterproofing system.


Waterproofing membrane composed by APP modified bitumen with a composite polyester reinforcement which results in a better dimensional stability and mechanical resistance. The reinforcement is impregnated with an APP compound. The homogeneity between the covering mass and the impregnation compound results in an extremely high resistance to delamination. The coating mass and the reinforcement contain a root-repellent substance to prevent roots to perforating the waterproofing system The upper side is finished with sand/ talcum. A torch-on film protects the lower side (torch-on method).  


  • Dimensions of the roll (m):
Upper side sand/talcum (TF): C1 : 10 x 1 m / C3:10 x 1m
  • Weight of the roll (kg)
Upper side sand/talcum (TF): C1: 42Kg / C3:42Kg
  • Number of rolls per pallet:
Upper side sand/talcum (TF): C1: 23 / C3: 23


  • ATG approval: limited approval.
  • FLL test: in progress.

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