VERMASPHA®  is made of calibrated and exfoliated vermiculite grains by heat treatment and coated with bitumen.


Advantages of the product:
- no water needed,
- lightweight,
- easy to use.


VERMASPHA®  is applied in a room where the temperature is between 5°C and 40°C. If the temperature is less than 5°C or over 40°C, the product and the room will have been stabilized in the range of temperature for at least 24 hours. The wooden floor must be prepared: 2 wedging rulers are laid on the floor, with height at least 1/3 more than the form to realise.

Nota: For form higher than 5 cm, VERMASPHA® will be laid by successive layer of 5 cm maximum thickness VERMASPHA® is poured on the floor. Any clumps of VERMASPHA® are unpacked by using a rake. VERMASPHA® is then distributed with a rake over the existing wooden floor between the two wedging rulers. VERMASPHA® is now levelled with a ruler then compacted with a rammer and its rammer shoe. The rammer shoe is available at SOPREMA on request. Once VERMASPHA® is compacted, wooden panels are laid on the VERMASPHA® . A peripheral space of 5 mm is left between the wooden panels and the walls.


  • Printed plastic bag of 50 L
  • Identified by manufacturing date
  • Pallet of 50 bags wrapped and banded with PE foil

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