PROTECDRAIN is a high density polyethylene layer to be used as protection and drainage for underground walls and foundations.


PROTECDRAIN's structure is designed to optimize the distribution of pressure, improve drainage and allow air circulation between waterproofing membranes and the ground.

The laying of PROTECDRAIN's sheets is limited to a maximum burying height of:
     - 7 m on supporting masonry or poured concrete,
     - 6 m on waterproofing.

     - durable,
     - high compressive strength,
     - unaffected with roots, mushrooms, acid and chemicals.


Unroll, place and adjust PROTECDRAIN, black side turned to the wall and brown side turned to the ground. Make sure that PROTECDRAIN reach above the upper edge of the waterproofing and/or perimeter insulation.

Attach PROTECDRAIN on the top with screws or nails:
- 25 cm space for 3 meters high,
- 20 cm space for 5 meters high,
- 15 cm space for 7 meters high.

Longitudinal and transversal overlaps are made by attaching the next sheet so that it overlaps first sheet installed previously by about 10 cm. Use PROFIL PROTECDRAIN (PVC profile) to cover the top of PROTECDRAIN and improve waterproofing with an aesthetic protection. Earthworks must be done carefully. For more details, refer to specific technical information.


Dimensions and rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 1 m (20 m²): 24 rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 1,5 m (30 m²): 12 rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 2 m (40 m²): 12 rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 2,5 m (50 m²): 16 rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 3 m (60 m²): 16 rolls/pallet
- 20 m x 4 m (80 m²): 16 rolls/pallet

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