SOPREMA GROUP offers a full line of superior waterproofing products designed specifically to keep the moisture out.


SOPREMA offers rubberized asphalt, modified plastomer or elastomer bitumen, self-adhered and liquid applied application methods in a variety of different areas including plaza/parking deck, below grade foundation wall, insulated concrete form, garden roof and air/vapor barrier. Their performance perfectly meet all architectural options.


SBS modified bitumen technology has proven by far to be the most reliable technology in the waterproofing industry. Most SOPREMA roof waterproofing membranes are made with SBS modified bitumen and include a reinforcement of non-woven polyester or glass mat. Developed by our research and development team, their unique formulation and superior quality provide exceptional durability and resistance to severe weather conditions.

Sopralene® elastomeric waterproofing comprises a comprehensive range of torch-on heat-activated membranes comprising two principal components:

  • Expertly blended SBS elastomeric bitumen
  • High resistance polyester reinforcement

For example Sopralene® is used for roof and general waterproofing, including basement walls, in both new and refurbishment projects. Products are covered by BBA Certificates and are also technically approved by national test laboratories in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, USA and Japan.

The Sopralene® product range offers flexibility in design and aesthetic finish to designers and specifiers while ensuring guaranteed performance. Sopralene® products are availables as complete warranted systems in cold, warm or inverted roof formats.


Sopralene® products are typically used to waterproof:

  • Flat and low-pitched roofs
  • Barrelled or domed structures
  • Terraces
  • Courtyards
  • Basement walls

Sopralene® is suitable for waterproofing under:

  • Inverted roof ballast, eg, paving or pebbles
  • Daldecor timber pavers
  • Roof gardens


Sopralene torch-on waterproofing systems include the following components:

  • Primer – required for OSB, timber, concrete and asphalt substrates, as well as the crowns of metal decking
  • Vapour control layer – essential for insulated warmroofs, the type dependent onthe warranty period required and the humidity level inthe accommodation below the roof
  • Thermal insulation – the insulation boards used for warm roofs should be of polyisocyanurate (PIR) and for protected/inverted roofs, extruded polystyrene
  • Venting base layer – a perforated membrane which allows partial bonding of the underlay to the primed deck or insulation layer below
  • Venting underlay – a layer that combines the functions of a venting layer and an underlay
  • Underlay – an intermediate layer designed to receive the final capsheet
  • Capsheet – the final layer with a granular surface finish to receive pedestrian traffic or further finishing layers, eg, inverted roof insulation and ballast