Tafuri Castle - Italy

Flag Cooper Art waterproofing membranes for the refurbishment of Tafuri Castel


  • FLAG MATERIAL: Copper Art SR 1.8 mm
  • ROOFING SURFACE: 800 sqm.
  • SETTING METHOD: Mechanically fixed

The Tafuri castle faces the crystal-clear sea of Portopalo, near Siracusa, and it is regaining its antique beauty thanks to a refurbishment where Copper Art membranes manufactured by Flag Spa Soprema Group play the starring role.

Franzo Bruno di Belmonte, the customer, at first assigned the project to Carmelo Arezzo di Trifiletti, engineer-designer from Ragusa.

The choice then focused on another designer, Severino Crotti from Florence, at his first and unique intervention in Sicily.
The castle is an example of Sicilian Liberty style and Bruno di Belmonte for its building, started in March 1933 and finished in August 1935, required the employment of materials from the stone pit of the “Isola delle Correnti.”

During the refurbishment works Copper Art assumed a significant role to refurbish all layers of the roofing, both on the L shaped unit that, at the ground floor hosted the sea view dining room, and of the smallest next to the terrace under the tower overlooking the castle.

The waterproofing company easily set the 1.8 mm.
Copper Art membrane, coupled with a 300 g/sqm textile, under the sealing surface, to guarantee a perfect and quick waterproofing of all surfaces.




The mechanical fixing specifically conceived for the type of intervention and for the windiness of the area, typical of this part of Sicily, further enhanced the setting of the membrane. Another relevant prerogative that contributed to the success of this waterproofing system is the availability of extra-fine copper particles in the waterproofing compound. Thanks to these particles, all waterproofing membranes of Copper Art range can turn their superficial colour exactly as it happens with traditional copper plates roofing, though maintaining an easy setting.

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