Synchrotron – Grenoble – France


Grenoble’s particle accelerators enjoyed a big enlarging operation with the objective of improving its performance and potential for researchers.

Inaugurated in 1992, the synchroton is only be operated in 1998. Ten years later, a big enlarging operation started. The main places of work are: two new experiment halls (4 500m²) and an adjoining building welcoming laboratories and offices (4 000m²).

Around 6 000m² of roof were vegetated with Sopranature Toundra seedling. The waterproofing complex with no visible fixation have been implemented on Nofix steel trays. All system components, vapour barrier and Sopralène Flam Jardin two-layer bituminous waterproofing with resistant root treatment has been glued. Finally, 7 500m² of Sopratec III has been implemented on cladding.