Roland Garros - France


SOPREMA master the triple challenge of unifies leak-proof, safety circulation and aesthetic at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris.

Manufactured by SOPREMA and implemented by SAPEB Bâtiment, the Alsan® 500 liquid waterproofing system enables, for several years now, more than 450,000 visitors a year, to ensure a safety place to walk in the stadium during the largest sporting event of the year: the Rolland Garros tennis tournament.

With over than 8 hectares area and more than 24 courts, Rolland Garros receives hundreds of sportsman and thousands of visitors in one of the largest media coverage stadium in the world. Join safety circulation and aesthetic courts, requires an undeniable mastery of the waterproofing system for this stadium subject to heavy traffic during the tournament and exposed to climatic variations throughout the year.

4,500 m² walkway and bleachers are renovated each year at Rolland Garros: “a match won” judged by reliability, adaptability and swiftness of Alsan® system implement. “Priority shall be given to the waterproof reliability and the timing” explained Marc Sivierou, construction manager for SAPEB Bâtiment. ”Extremely requested, walkway’s and court’s floors are particularly subject to trampling, dirtying and temperature variations. The stadium configuration does not allowing a traditional membrane, that is why, liquid waterproofing Alsan® allows to respond efficiently to the constraints of the location in terms of ease application, speed of process and customization of the decorative components in different areas. We do not have much time to realize renovation works or existing waterproofing renovation. It is therefore indispensable for us, to respond to the strict specification of Rolland Garros, to be partners with the waterproofing leader SOPREMA to achieve the project success. Its liquid waterproofing Alsan® systems have a ten-year warranty and their reliability allow us to offer the ten-year installation warranty too, indispensable to our customer”.

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