Hambach Castle - Neustadt - Germany


The renovation and extension work at the historic Hambach Castle set high standards for the planners and applicators as for  the products used.

For Soprema-Klewa GmbH, waterproofing supplier of the new restaurant terrace, the challenge was to provide the highest level of resistance to mechanical loads during the construction period. In addition, the waterproofing also had to be safe, extremely durable and had to have a high conservation value.

High grade bituminous membranes were used on an area of 900 m², with Sopralene® Stick 30 self-adhesive liner and Sopralene® Flam Jardin S5 root-resistant capping membrane. The flights of stairs and ramped surfaces in the system had to be integrated into the waterproofing system. This was done by the use of Sopralene® Flam 180  membrane in combination with the Alsan® Flashing liquid waterproofing for details and upstands.


  • City: Neustadt
  • Country: Germany
  • Year of renovation: 2010/2011
  • Surface area: 900 m²
  • Structure: Substrate: concrete
  • Vapour-barrier: Sopravap® EVA 35
  •  Insulation: SOPREMA EPS 035 / 200 kpa
  • Waterproofing first layer: Sopralene® Stick 30
  • Waterproofing second layer: Sopralene® Flam Jardin S 5
  • Stairs: Sopralene® Flam 180
  • Upstands: Alsan® Flashing