Decathlon - Bratislava - Slovakia


Apart from their many technical advantages, the flat roofing of large industrial and commercial surfaces are an extraordinary communication tool, particularly nearby airports. A new example for the exploitation of these areas as branding tool, is the Decathlon store in Bratislava, Slovakia, less than 2 km from the terminal of the Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport, the main airport of the country, as the crow flies.

The waterproofing system created with PVC synthetic membrane Flagon SR, 1.5 mm, has been customised with the logo of the popular French sporting goods retailer. The drawing of the logo, created using the colours of the liner of Flagpool range for swimming pools, has been smoothly welded on the covering, previously mechanically fixed by Izolpartner, the setting company in charge of the work. 

Thanks to this solution guaranteed by Flag synthetic waterproofing membranes, the 4,000 square meters of the surface have become a customised roofing that easily attracts the attention of passengers arriving at and leaving Bratislava.