SOPREMA supplements its range of natural insulating materials

PAVATEX was founded in 1932 and is based in Cham (Switzerland). It has two manufacturing facilities, in Cham and Golbey (France), and employs 220 staff. PAVATEX has developed valuable know-how for manufacturing natural thermal and acoustic insulation materials for the construction industry using wooden fibres. Wooden fibre insulation from PAVATEX offers systems that are modern, environmentally friendly and above all very versatile for building carcasses, which create an environmentally valuable alternative for conventional products that use mineral wool.

For its part, SOPREMA has developed an extensive Research & Development programme to offer consumers and customers with products that are environmentally friendly and based on naturally sourced raw materials. Today, this is a major issue for the building industry. Insulation has not been exempted from that requirement, and is even at the heart of the problem, since insulating materials are now required to not just offer maximum protection from temperature variations and noise, but their manufacturing and implementation must use natural materials that are safe for health and for the environment. In 2009, SOPREMA created UNIVERCELL®, a natural insulating material in cellulose wadding that is now perfectly complemented by the wood fibre based products from PAVATEX.

In recent years, the PAVATEXgroup has invested heavily to increase its industrial and commercial capacity. In order to continue its development, Pavatex was looking for a partner who could offer synergy and a shared vision.That is the background against which the management and shareholders of SOPREMA and PAVATEX decided to come closer for strategic reasons.