Soprasolar® Fix Evo

A unique system for mounting solar energy solutions on bituminous waterproofing... and more!


The Soprasolar®  Fix Evo system was originally designed for installing photovoltaic solar panels without piercing the waterproofing layer, both for new build projects and for refurbishments. The slope can range from a minimum of a few degrees, required to avoid the fouling of the solar panels, to 20% at the most.

The system has proven its efficiency and reliability, and is also so easy to put in place that it is no longer limited to photovoltaic cells; it makes it possible to install other technical or decorative elements on bituminous waterproofing. And all that is done without piercing the waterproofing and running the risk of ingress.

This exclusive system invented and patented by SOPREMA uses a specific support that is compatible with SBS and APP waterproofing. A very practical assembly system holds the equipment installed on top of the waterproofing. We offer technical assistance for every site.