Promodul Circle guide: 6 questions about the BIM


This is an acronym that has the power to make people react in many ways, some with hope, others with apprehension. It has generated so many points of view, seminars, fairs, publications, sales action and canvassing that one can easily feel confused.

That is why, the members of the Promodul Circle (including SOPREMA) have stated their strong wish to obtain reliable information about BIM in order to determine how to approach the subject and find guidance for making the right choices.

The BIM working group of the Promodul Circle has worked on the preparation of a first deliverable for the popularisation of BIM and a better understanding of its development and the stages for putting it in place.

The first part of this document provides useful information about BIM, presented in the form of answers to a series of questions. The second part outlines the key stages to be implemented by manufacturers, while the third part provides a themed glossary for the improved integration of the BIMprocess.

The purpose of the work is supply a simple summary vision of a subject that needs to be approached with care, because it is the reason for so much enthusiasm, and also concerns and queries.


Download the guide here!