New packaging for Alsan® Flashing


Alsan® Flashing has gone from strength to strength.

The latest achievement has probably been the work for waterproofing the MAS, the new museum in Antwerp, with its fronts of many hundred square metres of corrugated glass, which posed the difficult problem of making watertight joints with the terraces. Alsan® Flashing was the natural choice in view of its high performance characteristics, and it was up to the technical challenge that made it impossible to use conventional solutions.

With its unique patented composition, Alsan® Flashing offers a way to overcome the problems of making the details of the most complex roofs watertight.

Joints and upstands were made waterproof easily and durably. Further, Alsan® Flashing now has European 08-0114 approval.

Like every success story, Alsan® Flashing had a slight imperfection. The metal packaging was not easy to open. The product hardens when exposed to the air and some temperatures, and so the packaging has to be closed and sealed. That is why the drum was sometimes hard to open once again.

Drawing on its R&D experience, SOPREMA decided to look for easy-to-open packaging for convenience, which could still guarantee product quality. That is why we are proud to present the new packaging of Alsan® Flashing: an easy-opening plastic bucket.

Once the work is over, you can let the flashing harden in the bucket, and then take it out of the bucket easily. The bucket itself is reusable.


Thanks to this innovation, SOPREMA offers even easier application! And by reusing the packaging, you reduce the weight of waste!