Flagosolar® a new and innovative solution

SOLARDIS offers to the market a new and innovative solution: Flagosolar®. Aesthetic, light and highly resistant, which can be used both for new buildings and refurbishment work.

Flagosolar® is ideal for buildings which have large areas exposed to solar radiation such as:

    • Industrial or office building
    • Large and medium retail outlets
    • Logistics platforms
    • Public buildings...


A complete solution that combines Waterproofing  and power generation

Flagosolar® is a waterproofing system with integrated photovoltaic cells, designed to produce electricity from sunlight. It consists of a self-protected synthetic material TPO single-layer, incorporating flexible photovoltaic cells. This single-layer process has been specially developed in collaboration with United Solar Ovonic, UNISOLAR, the worldwide specialist of photovoltaic products, in order to ensure the optimal integration of the photovoltaic function into the waterproofing system. Flagosolar® is designed for inaccessible flat roofs on bearing elements and substrates in masonry and cellular concrete (slope equal to 2% or more) or on ribbed steel decks, wood and woodderivative boards (slope equal to 3% or more).

To communicate on a responsible environmental initiative with the solutions Flagosolar®, it is to take advantage of ideal solutions to respect the objectives of Building with strong energy performance, without drilling of the waterproofness, allowing to value your real estate property.

Exclusively distributed by SOLARDIS (SOPREMA GROUP), the range Flagsolar® offers an effective TPO waterproofing system.