Eficlic, the new support to install insulation panels

SOPREMA reinforces the efficiency of Efimur® system with the launch of Eficlic, the new support to install insulation panels on metallic furring

To meet the energy issues of constructions, SOPREMA develops innovative and efficient solutions for building envelope. With the Eficlic intermediate support, the Efimur® system is now available in metallic furring.

Eficlic + Efimur®: a complete system for the installation of insulation panels on furring.

Composed of a base and a nut on which the furring is clipped, the new Eficlic accessory permits the installation of insulation Efimur® pannels with metallic furring. Through this intermediate support, specially developed by SOPREMA, Efimur can adapt to every partition techniques : the installation on metallic furring (with Eficlic) or on rails and mounts.

Eficlic + Efimur® system has been developed to respond to problematics on new construction as well as in renovation. It applies to detached houses, apartment or public buildings.

Efimur®: the best insulation for optimal thermal performance

Efimur® is a partition system for wall insulation from the inside. It incorporates an insulating panel made up of polyurethane foam, one of the best insulation on the market, without hydrochlorofluorocarbons or hydrofluorocarbons. Coated with a waterproofing multilayer cladding  on both sides, the insulation retains all its thermal and mechanic qualities over time. Practical and simple to implement thanks to its interlocking system between floor and ceiling, Efimur® permits, with an equal insulation thickness, to create up to 20% to 30% thermal performance against other insulations.

Eficlic support

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