As you may know, the sales of oxidized bitumen loafs  has been suspended since the 29 February 2016.
In fact, occupational exposure to oxidized asphalt and its emissions during waterproofing works, was ranked 2A (probably carcinogenic) by the IARC (International Agency for Research against Cancer).

Feeling concerned by this issue, SOPREMA developed a  modified bitumen loaf containing SEBS, specially designed for the heat-bonding on bituminous waterproofing membranes but also on thermal insulation panels highly resistant to heat.

EAC NEO has a solid appearance at 20°C and become viscous at 150°C.
EAC NEO is applied in the molten state at a temperaure of 190°C (± 20°C).

Compared to bitumen SBS, SEBS bitumen has a better resistance to high temperatures.
This quality improves creep resistance and allows the use of adapted melters.