AQUADERE®: a responsible choice

As a manufacturer of waterproofing solutions, SOPREMA is proud to be a responsible innovator.

AQUADERE® was developed in the laboratories of SOPREMA with the know-how of the company as part of that approach. AQUADERE® is a solvent-free water-based primer that uses modified bitumen to offer perfect adhesion on all substrates, providing they are clean and dry (concrete, wood, bitumen steel etc.). AQUADERE® stands apart because of its excellent adhesion properties.

Thanks to its bituminous emulsion, the product is compatible with all bituminous membranes. Because it uses water and not solvents, AQUADERE® is non-flammable and can be applied in closed spaces lacking ventilation.


  • non-toxic
  • non-flammable
  • no logistics constraints
  • frost resistant
  • easy to clean with water
  • low waste


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