A new cooperation with REC Solar


REC, a leading global provider of solar energy solutions headquartered in Norway, announces a new cooperation with the French solar commercial and industrial rooftop expert, Solardis, the solar branch of the Soprema Group.

Soprema is a world leader in sealing products and solutions for roofs, while Solardisacts as the exclusive photovoltaic (PV) planner and distributor of Soprasolar, a waterproofing solution for flat roofs with integrated PV. The experienced industry players team up to offer customers in France quality PV-integrated solutions for long-term reliability. The strategic cooperation demonstrates the thought-leadership position of each company in the growing segment of residential, office buildings and commercial Green Buildings in France.

According to research analysts at IHS, residential and commercial rooftops offer a huge potential for improving France’s energy balance and will account for around 85% of the country’s PV market in 2018. This trend is driven by the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast (2010/31/EU), which states that from the end of 2020, all new buildings are required to be nearly-zero-energy buildings – meaning that buildings should be almost self-sufficient in terms of their energy consumption, and their purchased energy from conventional sources should be minimal. The same requirement will also apply to new authorities’ buildings from the end of 2018. This directive is based on the fact that around 40% of Europe’s total energy consumption is within the building sector.

REC sees great potential for solar in France, especially residential and commercial rooftops,” explains Luc Graré, Senior Vice President for EMEA at the solar panel manufacturer REC. “High-quality rooftop solutions with integrated PV will play a big role for buildings to achieve a level of sustainability in accordance with the European Directive. Therefore, we are proud to combine our high-performing solar panels with Soprema’s and Solardis’ integral expertise in PV roofs for the Green Building and Energy-plus Buildings (BEPOS) markets in France.”

REC pannels

Jean Damian at Solardis adds: “REC’s highly reliable solar panels perfectly fit with our lightweight combined waterproofing and PV solution, Soprasolar. By combining these components, we can ensure a convenient and easy installation and maintenance, and guarantee up to 20 years impermeability. Clearly, such a high-quality integrated PV system adds green value to a building and can lead to significantly reduced electricity costs, higher rents, higher occupancy rates and higher resale values.”

Thanks to this cooperation, customers and installers benefit from a two-year extension of REC’s standard ten-year solar panel product warranty, and can have an up to 20-year warranty on the waterproofing system, backed up by theSoprema Group. Through its fully automated production, REC solar panels are highly regarded for having industry-leading product quality, demonstrated by very low product claims rate where out of more than 3 million panels produced yearly, less than 300 are returned to the factory as products claims. REC Peak Energy Series solar panels are rated at up to 265 watt peak (Wp) and have a 25-year linear power output warranty. Based on 120 half-cut multicrystalline cells, the recently introduced REC TwinPeak Series will be rated at up to 275 Wp and provides more power output per square meter, resulting in higher electricity cost savings.

Soprasolar Fix is a solar waterproofing system with integrated PV. It consists of installed REC’s solar panels on high-end Soprema modified-bitumen roofing materials, with no penetration and no ballast. The Soprasolar Fix can be used to bring panels from a 0° to a 10° angle. In addition, Solardis will deliver a dedicated study in order to provide a turn-key solution to the end-user.

An industry leader, 20 years ago, Soprema initiated an approach to evaluate and minimize the impact of their products and activity on the environment and human beings during the lifespan of a building – from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition. Soprema’s R&D policy is strongly oriented towards sustainable development. As the exclusive distributor of Soprasolar solutions, Solardis was created in 2008 and is a 100% subsidiary of the Soprema Group. Backed by the hundred-year experience of its parent company, Solardis already has covered 1.5 million m2 of rooftop surface with more than 60 MW of installed solar capacity at 500 construction sites.

Source: www.recgroup.com