Soprasolar® Fix Evo the integration solution of rigid modules

Simplify and optimize your photovoltaic project.

Soprasolar® Fix Evo is the new photovoltaic roofing system of SOPREMA Group.

He is composed of rigid photovoltaic modules aimed at producing electricity from the sun.

It consists of a structure on pad, fixed on a waterproof plastron welded on the support on witch solar modules are fixed.

This complex was especially developed for the integration of rigid modules on two-layer or monolayer bitumen waterproofing, under technical advice (from the SOPREMA product) without waterproofing membrane pre-drilling.

Soprasolar® Fix Evo is eligible to the feed-in tariff of solar electricity.

This solution is affected by an Enquête Technique Nouvelle d'ALPES CONTRÔLE (ETN).

Unique in the market, Soprasolar® Fix Evo is the only photovoltaic integration complex without drilling the support that do not need additional metallic rails.


Coupe Soprasolar Fix Evo

Soprasolar® Fix Evo is intented to the inaccessible terraced roofs on load-bearing element, masonry support and aerated concrete (slope equal to or greater than 1% minimum) or on ribbed steel sheet, wood and wood-based panel (slope equal to or greater than 3% minimum), in construction as in renovation on a slope of 20% maximum.

Soprasolar® Fix Evo is ideal for all the roofs exposed to solar radiation as:

  • Residential buildings, school buildings, hospitals,
  • Public buildings,
  • Medium and large supermarkets,
  • Logistical platforms,
  • Industrial or commercial buildings.


  • Integration without waterproofing membrane pre-drilling
  • Light (<15 kg/m²)
  • Rapid implementation (no rails)
  • Eligible to the feed-in tariff
  • Waterproof membrane: guaranteed for 20 years by SOPREMA
  • Minimum maintenance twice a year over 20 years
  • Competitiveness
  • Insurability
  • Ease of maintenance (no waterproofing pre drilling)


Soprasolar® Fix Evo consists of 3 simple operation of implementation:

  1. Implementation of a waterproofing complex under technical advice of the SOPREMA range in line with market requirements.

  2. Establishment of the assembled plot, according to the specific implementation plan of the modules by welding the plastron on the selected waterproofing membrane.

  3. Integration of the modules by a fixing system.

    soprasolar fix evo implementation