Focus on Sopranature®

Focus on Sopranature®

SOPREMA’s chairman Pierre GEISEN noticed the growing number of green roofs installed
in Germany, he decided to create the first industry-backed unit devoted to green roofing solutions. 26 years later, Sopranature® has become, with over 6,000 projects, 2 million m² developed in 46 countries, a leading supplier recognized for its professional workmanship and quality products.



  • A large variety of extensive and semi-extensive greening solutions, adaptable to any type of configuration.
  • Vivagreen®: for green walls.
  • Aquatex: A rational watering solution for green roofs.


  • The warranty of a full support :
  • Mastering plant production.
  • Monitoring vegetation growth and installation to ensure sustained greening.
  • Respect of our planet and innovation are both incentive values for Sopranature® in developing new eco-friendly solutions.
  • Sopranature® line was granted “eco-struction”, a label created by SOPREMA for its sustainable products.



  • Production: to ensure fast response and guarantee plant quality, Sopranature® produces its own vegetation.
  • The brand is specialized in all types of plant production* to be used on roofs and walls :cuttings, mini-plants, soil blocks, pre-cultivated mat and slabs, all-in-one solutions…
  • By devoting a large portion of its annual budget to Research & Development, SOPREMA is able to test prototypes under real conditions. Substrates are produced in accordance with professional French and German green roofing guidelines.
  • Advice: as a green roofing expert, Sopranature® is there to guide professionals in developing innovating, technical and functional projects. Its advice extends to SOPREMA’s traditional areas of expertise: insulation and waterproofing. Choosing Sopranature® ensures solutions with the best technical and quality ratio !
  • Service: Sopranature® provides to each project a complete full support using all necessary tools.


Over 70 Sopranature® agricultural and horticultural partners around the world are working hand-in-hand with SOPREMA ‘s building envelope experts, to offer you competent advice and tailored solutions.
Sopranature® is involved every stage of projects : From technical advice to the conception, the support of products and worksites installation as for care and maintenance.

* Subject to local possibilities.
** 1st in France for Technical Data on slopes <35% and specifications for tropical climates.


  • Owner: QUEBECOR MEDIA Inc.
    • Gérard Truchon, Senior Director - Real Estate Services - Quebecor Media - 612, rue St-Jacques, 14e étage - Montréal, Québec, H3C 4M8 - Phone: (514) 380-1888 - Fax: (514) 380-6515 -
  • Description: Extensive Green Roof 3580, TAÏGA system.
  • Substrate Sopraflor: 200 mm thick.
  • Date of completion: 22/07/2010
  • Address: 612 rue St-Jacques
  • City: Montreal
  • Country: Canada
  • Region/ State: Quebec
  • Architects: Atelier Tautem
  • Applicators: Les Toits VertigeIn 1987