Cool Roof reduces heat islands effects

“Cool Roof”, what is it?

“Cool Roof” approach, well developed in North America, has an increasing resonance in Europe. It aims to reduce the urban heat islands effects. “Cool Roof” is fully in line with the SOPREMAscope, that insists on bringing exciting new environmentally friendly materials to the market.

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A keeping cool roof

heat island

“Cool Roof” technology applies to buildings roofs. It require a coating, capable of maintaining the roofing surface cold. This means the use of covering materials with high reflectivity (ability to reflect sunlight) and emissivity capacity (ability to radiating heat). “Cool Roof” roof staying cool, the heat radiated from inside of the building is significantly reduced.


High heat gains

The use of “Cool Roof” coatings allows to obtain extremely tough heat gains. During summers heat waves, temperature difference between a roof covered with a traditional surfacing and a “Cool Roof” roof may reach 40°C*.

*Reference to the “Cool Roof” study in Europe.

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Crucial advantages

  • Reducing the heat islands effects.
  • Mitigation the air pollution.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in South Europe and Caribbean.
  • Reducing maintenance costs and roofs rehabilitation thanks to an extended life.
  • Improving the covering dimensional stability thanks to a reducing surface temperature.
  • Increasing conditioning equipment lifetime. Cooling coils installed of the roof are more effectively and has a more deliberate use.
  • Maintaining a constant indoor temperature, generating smaller energy needs to ensure its cooling (saving up 10 to 30% in summer daytime use, in particular in the South of Europe).

The UE “Cool Roof” project

The European Union has decided to actively promote the “Cool Roof” technology in all the member states.

The focus of the “Cool Roof” project is to create and implement an overall Action Plan in Europe. 4 goals were set:

  • Contributing to the regulatory development of “Cool Roof” in Europe.
  • Simplifying procedures to promote “Cool Roof” integration in construction and existing buildings.
  • Giving perspectives to the project ownership to improve “Cool Roof’s” acceptability. Action Plan will be conducted by the “Cool Roof” European Council set up during the project. The Council would bring together all the interested stakeholders in the chain.
  • Learn more about the "Cool Roof” project: